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    18 Days

    TRIP INFOS, An Eight days trek to Kilimanjaro, the highest Mountain in Africa and the highest free standing Mountain in the World, though the new route of Rongai is known to be more scenic than Marangu, easier than the Machame…

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      Did you miss driving around? Do you wanna step up your Racing Game? Here is your chance to set higher your competition adrenaline.

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        BBQ & STREET FOOD.

        Hey food lovers! After a long day from Safari or just a hectic day in Arusha Town, now the sun has already set and it’s time to take a deep breath and try something local, yummy and with unforgettable taste.

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          After knowing Arusha well during the day it is a chance to explore what the city has to offer after the sunset.

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            1 DAY. ZIP-LINE.

            Zip-line is nestled at the base of the great rift valley wall, offering stunning views of the surrounding lakes, wetlands, Maasai steppe and the rift valley.

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              Spending a day at Lake Duluti, located a bit outside Arusha town, will bring the sense of relaxation and rolling day, surrounded by the beautiful voices of hundreds of different types of bird species and a scenic view of Mt.…

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