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Are you visiting Tanzania for study purposes? would you like your students to gain more than just a safari experience, something they can use to reflect on their daily life?

Well, you are on the right track, NORTAZ SAFARI is specialized in providing the best holiday mix for students to have both pleasure and at the very same time acquire knowledge that will challenge their perspectives, opinion, skills and even impact their lifestyle.

WHY IS THIS PACKAGE BEST FOR YOU? International trips are once in a life time and can be cost-full in term of resources, so when you can finally do it, DO IT RIGHT! this is only possible when you land on the RIGHT HANDS. This package is specific best for you based on the following unique attributes that can not be found else where.

VI TILBYR AKKURAT DET DU LENGTER ETTER; We are the expert on what we are doing and we are confident to tell you that we know how to exact meet your needs if not exceed them! Our founder, Paul, was once a folkehøyskole student and even a stip/assistant teacher at the KFHS at Kristiansand, Norway. From his experience we have been able to tailor the best combination of study trip activities that most of the schools/ groups we are working with seems to like them and have got great feedback from their students. As the top ambitious company we are working to improve our services very often through launching surveys and evaluation meetings with several schools after every trip so as to fits the external changes. We understand well the Scandinavian culture, from personal space to time value, so you can fully-relax while traveling with us!

YOU ARE PART OF THE PLANNING TEAM! Is there anyone knows better about your dream trip than you? We thought so too! and thats why we, NORTAZ SAFARI counts the most on you! we want you to tell your own story, we want you to put your own words on your own footprints and we will add colors to it. Planning is a vital stage in bespoke unforgettable holiday, we have invest a lot to acquire the best planning team that will work and advice you accordingly throughout the post-holiday phase to archiving the best personalize trip that will meets your needs, especial a major group need! It takes A LOT to plan and archive a GREAT GROUP TRIP and thats why we are here for you. With us your group will experience the best of Tanzania, not only the popular destinations but also unspoiled hidden germ.

FUN & MEANINGFUL ; In this package, one can choose among the top `must do´ activities in Tanzania and Zanzibar combined with a noteworthy project visiting, with a vital help from our well experienced trip planner you can bespoke your very own experience or be advised accordingly to suit you travel desire. In addition to either safari to the famous park of Serengeti, climbing the highest single standing mountain in the world Mt. Kilimanjaro or sunny days at the long white beaches with crystal clear water of the exotic island of Zanzibar, you can be sure to combine them with either a visitation to local projects funded by Norwegian/ Scandinavian organization (NORAD, SIDA, DANIDA, IFA, NOREC, STRØMME STIFTELSEN etc.), several sustainable development projects, local social services provider or native sports & education organization. This is `MORE THAN JUST A TOURIST´.

TRAVEL AS A GROUP; Among the vital purpose of many study trips is to strength the relationship among the students and their teachers, to be able to do it you need to make sure that they are spending most of their time together and not separate or divided. Study shows that most of the classes/ group are forced to divide their students into several clusters so that they can fit in the car especially during safari game drive due to limited car capacity (7 seater safari jeep), this lead to separation of the group and fail to archive togetherness and bond while traveling. NORTAZ SAFARI have gone further in solving this challenge, we are among the fewer company to introduce safari by overland truck with a seat capacity of up to 24 passengers, 360 game viewing, larger storage rooms, best for camping, safety during rain seasons, up to $1 million travel insurance, etc. With an Overland truck you group/ class can travel together throughout your stay.

UP-TO $1 MILLION TRAVEL INSURANCE; Safety and security comes first. As a teacher/ group leader, having a responsibility over several individuals in a new country can be very stressful and frighten especially in keeping the group safe from all the possible happening, driving is the most preferred way of exploring new areas, road trips, game drives, sight seeing are all comes with certain risks. To mitigate all possible risks NORTAZ SAFARI offers up-to $1 million road insurance for your group when choosing this specific group package, a rapid response will be taken and you can be compensated in case of any road emergence (read terms and conditions). There is nothing to worry about, we´ve got you covered.


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