Traveling During COVID-19

Nortaz Safari has been lately updating its operations to suit the instructions issued by the Tanzanian Government and the World Health Organization, the company continues to provide our day-to-day service as a tour operator. The aim of updating our policies is to create a safe environment for both our guests, staff and the community around us, also helping the Government to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Nortaz Safari emphasises everyone to practice the advisory measures and be sure to communicate to medical departments in case of any doubt or unusual health conditions.

1. COVID-19 Contact officer:

Nortaz Safari will appoint a COVID-19 Contact Officer, among our dedicated staff. This person will have direct contact with the Government Ministry of Health department.

-Responsibilities of COVID-19 Contact Offer,

  • To make sure all the Government latest instructions, prevention measures and policies related to COVID-19 are well implemented in our services.  
  • To supply enough hygiene and cleaning materials such as Hand sanitizers, face masks and clean water everywhere the company operates.
  • To enhance and facilitate smooth hygiene procedures to both company facilities and humans.
  • To maintain and ensure social distancing is applicable and supply all necessary requirements.
  • To develop, maintain, implement and monitor all COVID-19 procedures relevant to Nortaz Safari guests for each company location and vehicle in which the company operates
  • To maintain, implement and monitor all COVID-19 procedures relevant to Nortaz Safari staff for each company location and vehicle in which the company operates.
  • To supervise and monitor all COVID-19 procedures for dealing with guests exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or suspected of having COVID-19
  • To keep and maintain all health records for Nortaz Safari guests and staff, also deliver to the Government Ministry of Health whenever needed.
  • To ensure that all guests are well aware of all COVID-19 procedures and are provided with sufficient information in such matters.
  • To make sure all staff are well trained and aware of all COVID-19 procedures and are provided with enough information in fighting COVID-19
  • To establish a uniform and comfortable way of undergoing check-ups to any COVID-19 suspect and simplify manners in follow up steps in case of positive result.

2. COVID-19 Declaration Form:

To keep track, all of our guests are required to fill up a medical form. This form will be provided by our medical team on the arrival day, this form is mandatory and must be filled and signed by every guest.  .

-What is included in the COVID-19 Declaration form.

  1. Name, nationality and ID or passport number
  2. Travel insurance proof, with policy number and insurer necessary details
  3. Contact details of next of kin, parents or friend who is in your home country
  4. Informations about the guest travel history (international travel) within 3 months prior travel to Tanzania
  5. Information about the guest domestic travel within a month prior travel to Tanzania
  6. Guest’s general health description, current condition and if in medication identify them
  7. Identify if guests has been in contact with a COVID-19 patient

3. Temperature measurement to both staff and guests:

Nortaz Safari will undergo temperature measurement to our guests at their arrival before kick-off any of our company activities.This measurement will be taken regularly in the specified interval and at any time in case of doubts, temperature test should be on guests and staff notice.

In case, a body temperature above 37.5 C is recorded, the corresponding person should be immediately subjected to the specified Medical procedures.

4. Empowered staff:

Nortaz Safari is entitled to make sure all of the staff and field workers have enough training and master the knowledge about COVID-19, transmission methods, treatment procedures, preventions and how to react in case of a positive test.

Nortaz Safari COVID-19 training will cover-

  1. how the virus is spread and how to minimize the risks of it doing so
  2. how long the virus can survive on various surfaces
  3. what are the symptoms and how to identify them
  4. how to create safe working environment
  5. Proper ways to wash hands and sanitize
  6. physical distancing to protect guests and fellow workers
  7. how to be aware of the importance of temperature testing
  8. how to maintain company’s property in pandemic period

5. Personal Prevention measures:

Nortaz Safari´s Guests must wear a mask at all times,  except:

  1. At their privacy (bedroom etc)
  2. During meals

Nortaz Safari encourage all guests to carry enough masks for their uses while in Tanzania, Company will provide free masks to the guests that do not have their own. Masks should be either disposable or approved re-useable mask. Proper disposable of mask is emphasized.

6. Sanitizing & Hygiene Actions:

Nortaz Safari´s guests and staff should have hand sanitizing liquid. Frequently and properly hand sanitizing is emphasized, apply ant-bacteria liquid to surfaces surrounding you to minimize the spread of the virus.

7. Physical Distancing:

Physical Distancing is a very important practise in minimizing the spread of COVID-19, Nortaz Safari advises both our guests and staff to keep a distance of 1.5 meters between each person in public. Our guests should try to avoid unnecessary contacts with other guest in different occasions like in Airport, hotel, parks, picnics, shops, etc

NOTE: family or groups travelling together can share one vehicle.

8. Guests or Staff Who Display COVID-19 Symptoms:

In case guests or staff showed a COVID-19 symptoms, the Nortaz Safari Medical team will have to double check by conducting a body temperature check-up to that person.

If the medical team is satisfied by the measurement result and the general conditions of that person then he/she should be allowed to proceed with the activities.

If more doubts are generated after the temperature check-up, then immediate procedures for the COVID-19 test should be followed while in the meantime that specific person should be subjected to isolation.