Tanzania wildlife safaris — To explore the true beauty of the country

When you plan to head for a trip to Tanzania you expect some breathtaking views of the Mount Kilimanjaro, some awesome beaches and last but not the least is an amazing experience of Tanzania wildlife safaris. Tanzania is known to be a destination which is having captivating culture and offers great hospitality to the tourists. Yes, it’s true that Tanzania acts as the home to some of the brilliant wildlife national parks.

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

Why visit Tanzania? Know the reasons for visiting the destination of Tanzania:

  • It’s a country which offers you amazing view and some special wonders which you hardly see in any parts of the world.
  • Experiencing the culture of the people of Tanzania will give you the chance to know the people of Tanzania better and their relation with the wildlife. Cultural tours are arranged to know the country very closely.
  • Opportunity to Experience exclusive & unique adventure activities of Africa
  • Chance to explore the amazing national parks of the country
  • Opportunity for Quality time spending near the beaches of Indian ocean at Zanzibar Island
Why Visit Tanzania

Tanzania safari wildlife — Experience the best of wildlife

The very first concept of wildlife safari was introduced in South Africa and there is hardly any country like Tanzania which can give any wildlife lover the true feel of safari. The presence of the wildlife animals at the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro will surely take your breath. Take a look at the major reasons behind the popularity of Tanzania safari.

  • Best wildlife conservation of the world: If you love Safari and want to experience the adventure to meet the members of green world then Tanzania is the just the one destination for you. Yes it’s true that in the continent of Africa, Tanzania is having the highest ever concentration of wildlife species. Maximum percentage of the land area of Tanzania is now declared as the protected area and this gives you the scope to reach such locations which are completely untouched by the human civilization and Mother Nature is the only ruler of such zones. This also indicates the fact that there are high chances that you may end up meeting such animal species which are still unknown to many.
  • Notable wildlife species: Tanzania acts as the house to biggest population of lion, African buffalo, black rhino, leopard and elephant. It gives a strong impression that you have high possibilities to meet them here in Tanzania while on a safari tour.
  • Great wildlife view: In many adventure movies you might have the scenes where there are several wildlife animals like Giraffe and Zebra are grazing in group or crossing the beautiful plains. In many adventure channels we get the glimpse of many species giving birth to their child or playing under the sun. Such scenes surely attract you if you are in love with the wilder world. To experience such scenes in reality booking your tickets for Tanzania safaris is a must. The amazing presence of these creatures of this world will refresh your mind and also give you the scope to know their nature and activities in life in naked eyes.
  • Offers a Climate which is perfect for safari: Tanzania is one such destination which experiences little variations in its climate and season. For tourists to this destination this country is always ready with a welcoming atmosphere. The weather is always a pleasant and warm one. But yes, it’s always advisable to avoid the rainy season which continues from April till November
Tanzania Safari

Popular national parks in Tanzania which is Worth Visiting:

  1. Serengeti National Park: Serengeti National Park is one of the notable Tanzanian national park in Serengeti ecosystem in region of Mara and Simiyu. It covers an area of 14,750 km².
  2. Ngorongoro Conservation Area: Ngorongoro Conservation Area besides being a conservation area is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in west of Arusha in Tanzania’s Crater Highlands area.
  3. Selous Game Reserve: Selous Game Reserve is biggest faunal reserves on Earth, in south of Tanzania. This Reserve got its name after Sir Frederick Selous, who was a well-known big game hunter and also a conservationist.
  4. Ruaha National Park: It’s the largest wildlife park of Tanzania. It covers an area of 20,226 square kilometers. This park was named after Great Ruaha River.
Tailor made tanzania safari

The tourism industry of Tanzania is very well developed and there are many tour agencies which are offering tailor made Tanzania safari packages which are appealing and worth availing. You can personally contact the safari organizing agencies to get a brief of the safari trips, available dates and the inclusions in the package. To avoid peak season rush it is advisable to get the safari packages booked well before the season and reaching the destination of Tanzania.

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